Homesoul Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Oxygard Digital

This lightweight and compact device is specially designed to measure Oxygen Saturation (Sp02) and pulse levels. The oximeter is very easy to use and helps with accurate results with the help of a single power touch button. Just put your finger on the sensor and the oxygen saturation level (SpO2 value) and the pulse rate will be displayed on the screen immediately. This battery-operated device features a large LED screen display to make it easier and easier for the user to read the results. The portable design allows you to carry an oximeter almost anywhere. Suitable for family use, hospital use (including internist / surgery, paediatrics, etc.) and sports. This oximeter comes with a low battery indicator and automatically opens when the device can be used. The mouth of the oximeter used to insert the finger is made using silicone material, which is skin friendly. The brightness of the display changes, and may indicate heart rate, battery level, oxygen filling and wave graphs. A buzzer alarm sounds when your ratings do not reach normal levels. This device is water resistant, not waterproof. It is designed to withstand accidental water impact.

Homesoul Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter Oxygard Digital LED Heart Rate Monitor Oximeter (Blue): Health & Personal Care.
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Heart Rate Monitors Type OLED Pulse Oxygen Meter Finger Oxymeter Oxygard OG01. dhi Finger ... GUG Heart Rate Pulse Rate Monitor Health Monitor Healt ... Blue. 3.1. (17) ... HALA Generic Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with LED Digital Display and Auto Power Off Feature, Oxygen.
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About Homesoul Finger Pulse Oximeter

[OXIMETER]: - SHOW SPACE: Product using two color LED display, product with low power consumption.
[Accurate]: multi-display rotation, allows you to view your results in any direction and wavelength, pulse rate, graph bar, SpO2 level and battery level
[Quick and easy read]: Oximeter adopts advanced hearing technology, test results will be displayed on the screen immediately. No need to wait. A horizontal screen is an easy-to-use design, which allows the user to easily see the values ​​displayed.
Water resistance: The product of the note is designed to withstand accidental water contamination. Excessive water depth will make the product unusable. The product is water resistant and not water proof
The fingerprint is soft and easy to apply to different parts of the body and to a wide range of finger sizes. This is free to use without taking a blood sample. A buzzer alarm sounds when your ratings do not reach normal levels.

How to use Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (Blue) Oximeter__P - Homesoul

. Press the power button on 
. Open oximeter 
. Insert your finger into the rubber hole of
  the oximeter 
. Then release the tighten and press the 
   button to start the device 
. Expect results 
. The oximeter will automatically fall into
  standby or sleep mode after 10-15 seconds
  without a finger on it.

homesoul finger tip pulse oximeter features

. Display format: LED display 
. Current active: 30-50mA 
. Display screen: 1.5 cm 
. Low battery indicator 
. Test results: 8 seconds 
. Suitable for family, sports and hospitals
.  Battery device - 2 AA batteries 
. It has an automatic shut-off feature - after    10 15 seconds 
. It has one touch button 
. It can show heart rate and oxygen
. Finger room made of friendly leather
. Display brightness can be adjusted 
. It has a buzzer indicator 
. displayed in graph format

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