Best Wooden Corner Stand For Living Room India

Best Wooden Corner Stand For Living Room India

Although, the entire house is ours but we mostly stay in our living room. We mostly spend time and relax with our family in the living room. So, it is quite natural that we need something that makes our room looks good. It is very important to update your living room but it doesn’t mean throwing your old furniture. Best Wooden Corner Stand for Living Room India works well in giving a new feel and beauty to your home.

It is very easy to find a showpiece for the center and the sides but it’s the corner that needs some changes. You need a bit of imagination and creativity in order to find a great showpiece for your corner.

Best Wooden Corner Stand For Living Room India

Key Features of Bluewud Albert Floor Wooden Corner Stand

  • They really fall in love with the product.
  • The shape of the product is rectangular.
  • The weight of the product is 17 kgs.
  • There are 6 shelves available in this item.
  • The showpiece is easy to clean by using a soft wet cloth.
  • You can use it anywhere in the house or in the office.
  • Also, you can gift this item to your close ones.
  • The color of the showpiece is Wenge which looks quite good.
  • The Bluewud Albert Floor Standing Corner Wall Shelf is durable.
  • The material used for making this showpiece is high-quality engineer wood.
  • One of the most famous manufacturers Wooden Corner Stand For Living Room India.

About Bluewud Albert Floor Standing Corner Wall Shelf | VIEW MORE:

The product name is Bluewud Albert and this is a tall and narrow Wooden corner shelf that is used for storing small items such as books, keys, small plants e.t.c. It takes less space and doesn’t make any problem. You can place it anywhere in your house whether it is a kitchen, hall, dining room, living room, or office. It really fits well even if you are lack of space. The design of this shelf is simple but user friendly. Due to this, it can easily adapt to your home as well as the office environment.

It has six multi-tiring shelves that give you enough space for your storage. It is not suitable for heavy items, so just don’t put heavy weight on it. They are well to hold some photos, Small houseplants, keys or some books. the quality and design ensure this is ideal the Wooden Corner Stand For Living Room.

One of the best thing about this Best Wooden Corner Stand For Living Room India, It is portable and can be easily taken anywhere in the house. Also, there is no problem with cleaning. Just take a soft wet cloth and clean it.

The dimension of the product is 11.8X11.8X70.8 inches. The material used to make these shelves is the Particle Board which is made of premium high-grade prelam engineering wood. The color of the product is wenge and the weight is 17 Kgs. It comes with the necessary hardware and information guide. If you do not understand then you can also call a professional for installation.

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Here are some tips that will help you in finding the Best wooden corner stand –

  1. The material is an important part used to make a shelf.
  2. It will be used as a tray in Placing keys, landline table, scissors, or tape.
  3. If you buy a bad quality product then it will break in a short span of time.
  4. You will also place a small plant that will increase the beauty of your house.
  5. If you have small kids in your home, then the corner could be used as a play area.
  6. If your corner is close to your door, then you can place a small table or standing shelf.
  7. Price is the other important point. Never compromise on quality for just a little money.
  8. You should place a small rack on the corner side, which will be used to store books & toys.
  9. Always choose a shelf that is sturdy, durable, and beautiful. According to me, MDF is best for you.
  10. Always consider the size, if your room has enough space for the shelf then go for a big one but if your room is small then buy a small one.

Here, We Describe You The Best Corner Wooden Stand –

The Bluewud is a very popular brand that provides the best quality wooden shelf or table. They offer various types of products such as Standing corner shelves, multipurpose kitchen wall shelves, Tv unit center tables, and many more products. They mostly made corner shelves and display shelves.

The designing team of Bluewud company always keeps in mind the current space of homes and offices have and then they finalize the product. They always do some research before making these shelves. They used unique techniques for making products and give them a flawless finish. They will remain with you for years without giving you any trouble.

The material used by Bluewud is high-quality engineer wood. The products made by them are durable and will give you company for many years. Another good thing about this product is that they are easy to assemble and disassemble and can be easily shifted anywhere in the house.


Can I do the shelf installation on my own?

It depends on your skills. If you are capable of making a hole in the wall with the use of a drilling machine then go for it. Also, read the full instruction given in the manual before starting installation. Follow all steps carefully and then start your work.

What is the normal weight it can hold?

Well, they are used to hold heavyweight products. But, it can hold around 20-25 kg of product. It depends on the quality used in the product. If they use chrome brackets under the shelf then it can more weight.

Conclusion –

So Finally conclude the topic of Best Wooden Corner Stand For Living Room India. If you are looking for a simple and durable corner shelf then you are in the right place. This product is best for your needs. The quality used in this product is premium and is available at a reasonable price. Don’t think too much and go for it. and It has been highly appreciated during the usage of the users.

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